Key Features

Okan Platform is your gateway to ESG excellence, offering cutting-edge features like secure data storage with smart contracts, simplified comparability of ESG standards, decentralized audits for transparency, and user-friendly data insights. Join us and elevate your ESG reporting to a new level of trust and effectiveness.

Data Security

Okan ensures data security through permanent records that are accessible to everyone, protected by smart contracts..


Okan clarifies ESG standards and industry-specific challenges, making it easier to compare and evaluate companies' ESG performance.


Okan empowers greater accountability, internal management, and independent audits through decentralized applications (DAPPs).

Our Solution

Explore the Okan Platform Solution, a comprehensive package that includes expert report advisory, blockchain registration for on-chain data integrity, capacity-building in crypto for autonomous data management, and ESG-focused educational resources. Elevate your ESG strategy with Okan and harness the power of technology and knowledge for a sustainable future.

Report Advisory


Okan focuses on data preparation and blockchain integration for on-chain data recording.


Easily compare ESG standards and industry-specific challenges for informed decision-making.


Go beyond corporate narratives with actionable insights and intuitive data interfaces.