Blockchain tech for the future of social-environmental impact

ESG analyses, immediate action plans, transparency ensured on blockchain: all in one place. Reduce up to 45% of your company's ESG management costs with Okan ESG.


The future of ESG management, all in one place.

B Impact Assessment (BIA)

We employ the global B Corporation standard for ESG data management and disclosure.

Decolonial Methodologies

Identify key vulnerability mitigation strategies for the upcoming fiscal cycle, and collaborative strategies to tackle these issues

Capacity-Building WEB3 + ESG

Empower your teams to autonomously manage ESG issues, including WEB3 data governance.

Diagnoses & Solutions

Identify the most critical areas to enhance your ESG performance, aligned with concrete step-by-step solutions.

Blockchain Transparency

Publicize your results utilizing state-of-the-art data security measures.

Data Visualization

Information available on public pages, visualized through graphs and dashboards

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Reporte Blockchain

Enhance the transparency of your ESG reporting.

Maximize the value of your data through our specialized curation

Ensure transparency and trust with our ESG record on the blockchain

Automate and secure your reports with our smart contracts

Transform your data into compelling narratives through our public dashboard

Full Cycle

Everything that the Blockchain Reporting Plan contains, plus:

Achieve your goals with strategic mentoring meetings

Empower your team with Nossa Terra Firme's ESG E-Learning

Unlock ESG excellence with access to our template library

Stay ahead with our ESG Benchmarking Reports

Build capacity in team and leaders thorugh a practic, hands-on approach

ESG Report

Preparing your data for impact

Get ready for ESG management with the B-Impact Assessment

Identify and mitigate risks with our vulnerability report

Get quick and effective guidance with our prioritized recommendations

Highlight your most relevant contributions with specialized metrics


Share the positive impact of your business

Reap the reputational benefits of effective ESG management, with your efforts recognized by clients, investors, and the general public


Empower your teams to use blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a powerful tool for results-based management. With it, you can:

Ensure the integrity of your data over time

Compare progress based on your sector's historical data series

Gain greater agility to respond quickly to market changes

Enhance operational efficiency.

Reduce costs through process automation


Build ESG capabilities

Our courses provide a practical approach to empower managers to enhance their ESG initiatives

Practical, introductory, and advanced courses

Templates for building strategies

Improved ESG execution capability and supplier oversight

Asynchronous learning compatible with each company's schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Okan ESG?

Okan ESG is a consulting platform that facilitates the implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices in companies, using blockchain technology to ensure transparency and security.

What services does Okan ESG offer?

How does Okan ESG use blockchain technology?

Is Okan ESG accessible for companies of all sizes?

How can I start using Okan ESG in my company?

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The future of ESG management through blockchain technology.


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